Dr. B

I have been solving Thermodynamics problems for a few years and I have found a few websites and tools that I find pretty helpful.

Here are the best ones.

  • Chemical Engineering AppSuite HD
    • For iPad and iPhone
    • Developed by a team of chemical engineers for both professionals and students.
    • One-of-a-kind app features many equations and data used by chemical engineers, chemists and other engineers and integrates them with unprecedented functionality!
    • Includes unit converters and graphing calculators.
  • CoolProp.org
    • Free program that calculates thermodynamic properties
    • Works with almost any other program, including:
      • Excel, Matlab, Maple, Mathematica & MathCAD
  • StateCalc
    • Thermodynamic property calculator for iOS
    • $1.99 on iTunes
  • NIST Webbook
    • This is a great site paid for by the US taxpayer. So, it is free to you !
    • Reliable values of properties of almost anything
    • Internationall accepted values of thermodynamic properties of most of the fluids that show up in LearnThermo.com or in any Thermodynamics textbook problem.
    • The most useful part of this site for a Thermodynamics students is the Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems page.
  • Steam Tables for your Calculator
    • TI Calculators: 83, 84, 89, 92 & Voyage 200
    • HP Calculators: 48 & 49
    • Casio Calculators:fx 9750G II, CFX 9850, FX 9860, Graph 85, FX 1.0 & Algebra FX 2.0
    • I have used both the TI and HP versions of this program and they work well. Just follow the User's Guide carefully. Sample calculations are included.
Chemical Engineering App Suite HD for iOS