Glossary of Thermodynamic Terms

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water triple point 7B7
Watt Unit of power.  1W = 1 J / sec 4A6 , 23
work Energy transfer associated with a force acting through a distance. 4A1 - 19, 4C1, 5B5
work acceleration Work associated with a change in velocity of a system 4A20 , 26
work actual 8D2
work boundary Work done on or by a system that results in a change in the volume of the system.  As a result of this volume change, the boundary of the system moves.  That is why Boundary Work is sometimes called Moving Boundary Work. 4A9 - 15, 4C5, 5B9
work boundary 4A9 - 15, 4C5, 5B9
work electrical Work is done on the system whenever electrons cross the boundary in response to an externally applied electrical potential. 4C5, 5B9, 5E5
work flow Also known as PV Work or Injection Work. The amount of work done on a system when a certain mass of fluid is pushed into the system, overcoming the system pressure at the systemboundary.  It is also the amount of work done by a system when a given mass of fluid is pushed out of the system, overcoming the surrounding pressure at the system boundary. 5B6 - 10
work gravitational Work done by or against a gravitational field.   4A20 , 24
work lost 9D7 , 8
work mechanical Work associated with the movement of the boundary of a system or with the movement of the entire system as a whole.  Examples include shaft work, boundary work and spring work. 4A20
work PV 4A9
work reversible 8D2
work shaft Work associated with energy transmission that is either driven by a rotating shaft (as in a pump or compressor) or that causes a shaft to rotate as in a turbine. 4A20 - 23, 4C5, 5B9
work spring Work that results in a change in the length or displacement of a spring. 4A20 , 27 , 28
work system 5B6 - 10, 5E5, 
work thermodynamic definition 4A2
working fluid 6B5, 6E17, 6F1
working fluid boundary 6F8
working fluid cycle 6E13 , 14