Glossary of Thermodynamic Terms

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Newton's 2nd Law of Motion 1B5
Newton's Law of Cooling The convection heat flux at a solid-fluid interface is proportional to the difference in temperature between the bulk fluid and the solid surface.  The convection heat transfer coefficient, "h", is the proportionality constant in Newton's Law of Cooling. 4B19
NIST Webbook 3B1 - 8  ,  9 - 24, 3C9  ,  10, 3D19 - 21
noble gases Gases in the right-most column of the periodic table :  He, Ne, Ar, Kr Xe Rn. 2E5
non-condensable 2D6
normal boiling point The boiling point of a substance at a pressure of one atmosphere.  [ K, C, R, F ] 1D9, 2D9, 
nozzle A pipe fitting in which the diameter of the pipe decreases.  The result is that the velocity of the fluid increases and the pressure of the fluid decreases. 5C6  ,  7