Glossary of Thermodynamic Terms

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Primary Word
Secondary Word
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manometer equation 1D5
mass balance closed system 8B3
mass balance differential 5A1 - 3, 5B2, 5C4
mass balance integral 5A1 - 3
mass balance MIMO 5A3
mass balance open system 8B3
mass balance SISO 5C4
mass balance steady-state 5C4
mass balance transient 5D3
mass flow rate 5A1 - 4, 5B8, 
mechanical energy balance equation 8B9
mechanical energy balance equation derivation 8B8  ,  9
mechanical energy balance equation kinetic & potential energy changes negligible 8B10 - 20
melting The process in which a molecule makes the transition from a solid phase to a liquid phase. 2A4  ,  8, 2B7  ,  8, 
melting point 1D9
MIMO 5A3, 5C6, 5E1
MIMO energy balance 5B11
MIMO mass balance 5A3, 5D4, 
miscibility 2A6
miscible liquids Two chemical species that will completely dissolve in each other in the liquid phase.  Acetic acid (vinegar) and water is a common example of a pair of miscible liquids. 2A6
mixer A container or vessel in which different fluids are allowed to mix. 5C6  ,  16
mixture heterogeneous 2A2
mixture homogeneous 2A2
mixture saturated 2B2
molar internal energy 3A2
molar volume The total volume of a system divided by the number of moles in the system.  [ L/mole , ft3/lbmole ] 2B1, 2E1, 
mole fraction 2D2  ,  3  ,  4  ,  5
molecular weight 2D6
moles 1B4
moment arm The distance between the point at which a force is applied to an object and the axis about which the object rotates.  [m, inch] 4A22
monatomic gas A gas in which all of the molecules consist of only one atom.  Noble gases like He and Ar are examples of monatomic gases. 2A4