Glossary of Thermodynamic Terms

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linear interpolation 2C6 - 12
latent heat A latent heat is a change in the enthalpy of a system that does not correspond to a change in the temperature of the system. 3E2
latent heat of Fusion Also known as the Heat of Fusion or the Enthalpy of Fusion.  Enthalpy of Fusion is the amount of energy released when a substance makes the transition from the liquid phase to the solid phase.  Values of the Enthalpy of Fusion are typically tabulated at the normal melting point (temperature).  [kJ/kmol] 3E13
latent heat of Sublimation Also known as the Enthalpy of Sublimation or the Heat of Sublimation.  Enthalpy of Sublimation is the amount of energy required when a substance makes the transition directly from the solid phase to the vapor phase.  The Enthalpy of Sublimation is a function of temperature.  [kJ/kmol] 3E13
latent heat of Vaporization Also known as the Enthalpy of Vaporization or the Enthalpy of Vaporization.  Represents the amount of energy required to vaporize a unit mass of saturated liquid at a given temperature or pressure. [kJ/kmol] 3E4
liquid A phase in which molecules are separated from each other by more than a few molecular diameters (a condensed phase), but the molecules are not as far apart as in a gas phase.   Molecules in a liquid phase have more translational, vibrational, and rotational energies than the same type of molecules in a pure solid phase at the same temperature and thus have a higher internal energy. 2A4
liquid heat capacity 3E7
liquid saturated 2B2  ,  4  ,  5  ,  6  ,  8
liquid subcooled 2B4  ,  5  ,  8
lost work 8D1, 9D7  ,  8, 
lost work boiler 8D8 - 10
lost work compressor 8D7
lost work condenser 8D11
lost work power cycle 8D7  ,  12
lost work SS, SISO, changes in kinetic and potential energies negligible 8D3 - 5
lost work turbine 8D7