Glossary of Thermodynamic Terms

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degrees of freedom The number of degrees of freedom in a system is equal to the number of intensive variables that can be independently specified.  For closed, non-reacting systems, Gibbs Phase Rule can be used to calculate the number of Degrees of Freedom.  Modified forms of the Gibbs Phase Rule must be used for open and reacting systems. 3C4
delta 4A12
density 1B1
desublimation A process in which molecules in a gas phase move directly into a solid phase without passing through a liquid phase.  A common example is the process whereby the ice cubes in your home freezer shrink over a long period of time. 2B7
diagram PV 4A9 - 11
diagram TS 7B8 - 9
diagram TV 2B4
diatomic gases A gas in which every molecule consists of only two identical atoms.  For example: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. 2E5
differential exact 4A7 - 8  ,  12
differential inexact 4A7 - 8  ,  12
differential manometer equation 1D6
diffuser A pipe fitting in which the diameter of the pipe increases.  The result is that the velocity of the fluid decreases and the pressure of the fluid increases. 5C6  ,  7
dimensional homogeneity 1B9 - 11
dimensionless A value of a dimensionless variable is a pure number.  It has no units. 1B1
dimensions 1B1
double interpolation 2C20  ,  21
duct 5C6