Glossary of Thermodynamic Terms

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barometer equation 1D4
Bernoulli equation 5C18
blackbody An idealized surface that is a perfect emitter and a perfect absorber.  The absorptivity and the emissivity are both equal to 1 regardless of wavelength and angle of incidence. 4B21 - 22
blackbody radiation Radiation that is emitted from a blackbody.  No surface can emit more energy than a blackbody.
boiler 6B5
boiling The process in which molecules move from the liquid phase to the vapor phase while the vapor pressure of the liquid is greater than the total pressure in the system. 2A4
boiling point (also called steam point for water) At a given, fixed pressure, the boiling point is the temperature at which the first vapor bubble forms.  At the boiling point, liquid and vapor are in equilibrium. On a PT Diagram, the vapor-liquid equilibrium curve is made up of the boiling points of the substance at different pressures.  [ K, C, R, F ] 2B2
boiling point normal The boiling point of a substance at a pressure of one atmosphere.  [ K, C, R, F ] 2D9
boundary A real or imaginary surface that separates the system of interest from its surroundings. 1C2
boundary work Work done on or by a system that results in a change in the volume of the system.  As a result of this volume change, the boundary of the system moves.  That is why Boundary Work is sometimes called Moving Boundary Work. 4A9 - 15
boundary work ideal gas 4A18  ,  19
Bourdon tube 1D7
Brayton cycle 9E1 - 13
Brayton cycle air-standard 9E5 - 13
Brayton cycle air-standard, back work ratio 9E10
Brayton cycle air-standard, thermal efficiency 9E10  ,  12
Brayton cycle ideal 9E1
Brayton cycle improvements 9F1
Brayton cycle irreversibilities 9E13
Brayton cycle regeneration 9F2 - 6
Brayton cycle regeneration, reheat and intercooling 9F9
Brayton cycle reheat 9F7
Brayton cycle two-stage compression with intercooling 9F8
Btu British thermal unit.  The amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one pound mass of water by one degree Fahrenheit at the maximum density of water (39.1 degrees Fahrenheit. 4A6