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6C-1 : Is This a Perpetual Motion Machine ? 2 pts
In a day, an electrical resistance heater uses 8.4 kW-h of electricity. In the same day, the heater delivers 9.7 kW-h of heat to the house in which it is located. Is this possible or is this a perpetual motion machine?
If so, what kind? Explain your reasoning.
Read : Short and sweet.
Given: Ws 8.4 kW-h Find: Is this a PMM ? Explain
QH 9.7 kW-h
Assumptions: None.
Equations / Data / Solve:
Apply the 1st Law to the inventor's process :
Eqn 1
But 8.4 kW-h 9.7 kW-h !
Therefore, if the device operates on a true thermodynamic cycle (no change in state after a complete cycle), then it violates the 1st Law.
Verify: No assumptions to verify !
Answers : It is a PMM of the 1st Kind !