Introduction to Gas Refrigeration Systems

So far in this chapter, we have only considered

vapor-compression refrigeration cycles

In this lesson, we will consider

gas refrigeration cycles


Gas refrigeration cycles

tend to be less efficient than

vapor-compression refrigeration cycles

, but they do have certain advantages.

Gas refrigeration cycles

are relatively lightweight. This makes them well-suited to mobile




applications, such as in airplanes.

Gas refrigeration cycles

are not limited by the vapor pressure of the working fluid. As a result,

gas refrigeration systems

can bring the temperature of the refrigerated space down to very low temperatures. In fact, with a regenerator, a

gas refrigerator

can reach cryogenic temperatures used to liquify many gases.
Process flow diagram for a gas refrigeration cycle.
The model we will use for

gas refrigeration systems

is the reverse

Air-Standard Brayton Cycle

introduced in chapter 9 in our study of

power cycles

So, if you understood the

Air-Standard Brayton Power Cycle

, this lesson will be just a brief review.
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Ch 10, Lesson E, Page 1 - Introduction to Gas Refrigeration Systems