Ch 10 - Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems

This lesson provides a brief introduction to refrigeration, refrigeration cycles and the attributes and limitations of the Carnot Refrigeration Cycle.
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In this lesson we learn about the a practical vapor-compression refrigeration cycle. This cycle is ideal because the turbine is isentropic and no friction occurs within the system. We then discuss deviations from the ideal cycle and conclude with a discussion of how to choose the right refrigerant.
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In this lesson, we study two methods to increase the coefficient of performance of the simple vapor-compression (V-C) refrigeration cycle. The two methods are the cascade and the multistage vapor compression refrigeration cycles.
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In this lesson, you will learn about heat pumps, air-conditioners and the ideal vapor-compression heat pump cycle.
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In this lesson we discuss gas refrigeration systems and their use in industry.
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- Introduction to Refrigeration Systems
- Vapor-Compression Refrig. Systems
- Enhanced V-C Refrig. Systems
- Heat Pump Systems
- Gas Refrigeration Systems
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