The Rankine Cycle

The condenser effluent in a

Rankine Cycle

is a saturated liquid.

Rankine Cycle

Process 1-2:
Process 2-3:
Process 3-4:
Process 4-1:
  • Heat added at constant pressure.
  • Isentropic expansion
  • Heat rejected at constant pressure.
  • Isentropic compression

Rankine Cycle

is the practical

vapor power cycle

that is most similar to a

Carnot Cycle

The boiler effluent is either saturated vapor or superheated vapor.
Process flow diagram for a heatheat engine.
This shaded area enclosed by the cycle path represents the shaft work produced by the Rankine Cycle.
TS Diagram of a Rankine Power Cycle.
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Ch 9, Lesson B, Page 2 - The Rankine Cycle