Accumulation of Energy

Sign convention arrow.
Sign convention arrow.
Inlet mass flow rate.
Inlet mass flow rate.
This diagram shows a closed system with a system boundary enclosing it and sign convention arrows showing that heat transfer is positive when heat flow into the system and work is positive when it is done by the system.
The diagram below shows a

uniform-flow process

in which mass flows into and out of a system.

Heat and work interactions also occur.

Consider the process for an interval of time from t1 to t2, where t2 > t1.

At t1 the energy in the system is: Esys(t1).
At t2 theenergy in the system is: Esys(t2).
What is the change in energy of the system during the process from t1 to t2?

Enthalpy Form of the 1st Law for Open Systems

Enthalpy form of the 1st law for open systems.
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Ch 5, Lesson E, Page 2 - Accumulation of Energy