Procedure Overview

1- Read Carefully
2- Draw a Diagram
3- List Given Information
4- List All Assumptions
Write Equations & Lookup Data
6- Solve Equations
Verify Assumptions
8- Answers
This stairway shows that the solution for a problem is a logical sequence of steps.
There are 8 steps in our general problem solving procedure.
The names of some of the steps make it quite clear what they entail. While some of the other steps will require quite a bit more explanation. That is the purpose of the remaining pages of this lesson.
It is important to understand each step in the procedure. Then, we will present example problems that apply the procedure to some problems.
Keep in mind that the focus of this lesson is the procedure and not the substance of the thermodynamics problems
that we solve.
We will use this solution procedure, in one form or another, for every example problem in the rest of this course.
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Ch 4, Lesson D, Page 2 - Procedure Overview