Three Key Terms For The Study of Thermodynamics

  1. In Lesson 1A, we learned a little bit about the history and nature of thermodynamics.
  2. In Lesson 1B, we learned the importance of dimensions and units and how to use them to help us solve problems.
  3. Now, we need to learn the meaning of some key terms that we will use throughout this course. That is the goal of this lesson.
  4. In this lesson, we will study the terms system, state and property.
  5. You are probably already familiar with these terms, but they have very specific meanings when they are applied to thermodynamics.
  6. Because these three terms form the basis for this entire course, it is very important to understand them very well before we move on.


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Ch 1, Lesson C, Page 1 - Three Key Terms For The Study of Thermodynamics